Module 7: Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading

Module 7: Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading

Greenwald, T. (2012). Charlie Joe Jackson’s guide to not reading. New York: Square Fish.


Charlie Joe Jackson is not a fan of reading. This book tells the story of his pursuit to remain a non-reader and the challenge he is facing now that he has entered middle school and his friend will no longer cover for him.

What Did I Think?

This is an accurate portrayal of the feelings many boys, and girls, have about reading. I think it was funny and will hopefully convince others that reading can be fun if you give it a chance.


“This is a fun, fast-moving look at middle-school life through the eyes of a kid who would rather clean his room than pick up a book. Reluctant readers will be pleased.” —SLJ
“A delightful choice for reluctant readers…Tommy Greenwald’s writing style is breezy and accessible without being too easy. It is also extremely funny and hard to put down. If the book’s cover showed something blowing up, every reluctant boy reader in middle school would be proud to carry it around while secretly enjoying the nonviolent, straightforward story. Bookworms won’t care; they’ll love it either way.” —BookPage
Library Lesson
This book could be used with a group of middle school struggling readers as a way to look at their feelings towards reading but at the same time enjoying the act of reading. Students could summarize chapters, make inferences while reading, and make predictions about the next chapter.

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