Module 9: Young Cam Jansen and the Library Mystery

Module 9: Young Cam Jansen and the Library Mystery


Adler, D.A. (2001). Young Cam Jansen and the library mystery. New York: Viking.


Cam Jansen helps solve the mystery of where dad lost the shopping list. He uses his photographic memory to help retrace their steps.

What Did I Think?

I found the book to be an easy read but entertaining and appropriate for young readers. It is a great series for beginning chapter book readers because the chapters are short and the mystery keeps them turning pages. Before they know it they have finished their first chapter book! Cam Jansen is a good role model for problem solving and creative thinking. Some of the writing is a little basic but still good for early readers.


Booklist (May 1, 2001 (Vol. 97, No. 17))

Gr. K-2. In the seventh Viking Easy-to-Read story about Cam Jansen, Cam once again uses her photographic memory to solve a mystery in daily life. It’s a scenario many kids will recognize. Dad’s lost the shopping list. Did he leave it in the library where he and Cam and her friend were reading mysteries and checking out books? Did he drop it as they came to the supermarket? The scenes of the library and the store are bright and busy, and readers will catch the excitement of playing detective by looking closely at the details in their own daily lives. They will also see that mystery stories are fun.

Horn Book (Fall, 2001)

When her dad loses the grocery list, it’s up to Cam Jansen and her photographic memory to find it. Color illustrations parallel the text–providing support for beginning readers. However, somewhat clunky writing and a bland mystery make for a disappointing addition to the popular series. A visual memory game is included.

Library Lesson
The Cam Jansen website at is a great resource and includes information about books, the author, and includes some brain teasers and games. There is also information about an author visit from David Adler which would be a great way to kick off a mystery series in the library.

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