Module 13: Magic Treehouse: Midnight on the Moon

Module 13: Magic Treehouse: Midnight on the Moon


Osborn, M. (1996). Magic treehouse: Midnight on the moon. New York: New York: Random House.


In the eighth Magic Treehouse book, Jack and Annie are sent into space, in the future, to find the last M thing to free Morgan and discover more about the magic treehouse. Jack must use his keen observation skills and Annie her courage in order to find the item and return to the treehouse and home. 

What Did I Think?

Predictable, but entertaining nevertheless, this book continues the mystery of the magical treehouse. The characters are engaging and the story has enough suspense to keep most children wanting to read more and more. The trip to the moon was no exception.


Children’s Literature – Marilyn Courtot
Eighth in the series, Jack and Annie are off to the moon to find the fourth item in their quest to free Morgan le Fay from a magic spell. In previous adventures, the brother and sister team had obtained a Moonstone, mango, and a mammoth bone, but what were they supposed to find on the moon? In addition to the adventure and a touch of suspense, kids learn some facts about the moon. The pattern of these books is similar, and they offer both entertainment and education.
Library Lesson
Many of the Magic Treehouse books have a nonfiction companion book about the same topic. This particular book has a nonfiction companion titled Space that could be used in conjunction with the fiction title. Students could listen or read both books and create a retelling of the fiction book with an accompanying report highlighting facts learned about the moon.

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